What is the prospect app?

Unibuddy app download for conversations

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The Unibuddy Chat mobile app is a new tool to engage your prospective students more than ever before.

(i) How will prospects know about the app?

After prospects send their first message they will be prompted to download the app, where they can view ambassadors, read and reply to messages and read social posts.

Alternatively, the application can be downloaded from the Apple or Google app store.

(ii) What are the benefits of this compared to the widget?

In our trials, we've shown that the Prospect App is boosting engagement. Prospects that use the app are sending significantly more messages - an average of 2.5x more than they would send on the widget. That means prospects are making more authentic connections and engaging more with your institution.

We believe this prospect app is good for prospects, good for universities and good for ambassadors - who always tell us that longer, more engaging conversations are the most rewarding.

(iii) Can the app feature be turned off?

If you would prefer your prospects not to use the app, you can also switch the feature off straight from your dashboard. Just go to "Customizations" - "Features" and toggle Prospect App off.

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