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Where should Unibuddy go on our website? And how do I embed it?
Where should Unibuddy go on our website? And how do I embed it?

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The Main Platform

This is where you showcase all your Student and Staff Ambassadors and where prospects can sign up to chat.

We recommend dedicating an entire page of your site to your main widget. Additionally, consider putting some short, clear text at the top of the page to explain what the platform is for.

The page should be high up in the architecture to keep the web address short.

It should be within a sensible section of the website to make navigation more intuitive for users.


What to do after you have decided on the platform location?

Once you have decided on the location of this page, share the URL with your dedicated Onboarding Manager. This will ensure all notifications and traffic drivers redirect to the main platform widget seamlessly.

On "Go Live" day, make sure to drop your Onboarding an email so we can ensure your Analytics will start being tracked.

If you change your mind on the location of your main Unibuddy platform, that's not a problem, just share the new link with your Customer Success Manager so we can update it.

How do I embed the main platform on our website?

Just a few simple lines of code are all it takes to start the embedding process.

You can access the codes for the Main Platform Widget via your University Dashboard, see the instructions below:

  1. Click on the Integrations tab on the navigation bar.

  2. Select Code Snippets from the drop-down menu.

  3. Select the Main Platform tab.

  4. Retrieve the code and embed it on your website.

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