Unibuddy Live is an add on to the Unibuddy package. Speak to your Customer Success Manager if you'd like to find out more about the Unibuddy Live platform, and upgrade your account to access this feature.

1 Creating a Live Event

To create a live chat please follow the steps below:

  1. Click the "Live Events" menu option on the left hand side.

  2. Click "Create Live Event" button.

  3. Fill in live events form and click "Save" button for each tab.

Creating a live event is broken down into three distinct sections as shown below. You’ll want to complete all three to make the most out of the live event feature - completing the first section will save your live event so that you can come back and complete the other sections later.

1.1 Basic Information

You will need to enter the details for your event in the first tab labelled "Basic Information", see below:

  1. Click "Basic Information" tab.

  2. Enter the information for each field as per below.

  3. Click the "Save" button.

Clicking ‘Save’ will add your event to the ‘Upcoming Events’ list, where you can pick it up and keep editing it later.


This is the name of your live chat, it should be clear and concise.


A short introduction to your chat.

Event Start/End (Date & Time)

The Start date and time cannot be set in the past. An error message will appear for this.

1.2 Live Feeds

Live Feeds are the channels or ‘rooms’ that can exist in your live event to allow participants to interact with each other.

  1. Click "Live Feeds" tab on the form.

  2. Click ‘Add Live Feed’ and fill in the information as per below.

  3. Assign access to users in the feed created.


We advise it is best to keep the live feed names short and descriptive. For example, you could have different courses English, Maths or topics such as Accommodation, Student Life.


Describe the intention of the feed, the topic you’ve chosen, and add any links to additional resources that might be useful.

Access to Feed

See steps below to assign access to the feed:

  1. Search for a user in the left panel to quickly find the ambassadors or staff.

  2. Click on a user from the list; this adds them to the feed (right hand column).

  3. Click "Save Live Feed" once all additions have been made.

If you’ve added someone by accident, simply find their name in the right hand column and click them again to remove them.

Once you have saved the feed you’ll be returned to the list view, where you can edit existing feeds, or add new ones. You can create up to 25 live feeds for each Live Event.

⚠️It’s not currently possible to remove ambassadors from live events after an event has begun. Also be aware that you cannot currently delete live feeds once they have been created.

1.3 Live Streaming

We have a separate article specifically for running live events with video streaming, check it out here.

1.4 Direct Messaging (optional)

You can add ambassadors or staff in this tab as described in "1.2 Access to Feed" above; to make them available for direct messaging. These ambassadors will be available for one-to-one chats with prospective students.

💡 We also recommend that your student or staff buddies write a short welcome message in each channel when the event starts.

Check out our video below. Also learn more about Unibuddy Live at one of our webinars!

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