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Do buddies need different training to be on

Difference between UCAS and Unibuddy ambassador training

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1 Training for UCAS Ambassadors

Our article below covers the aspects of what makes a good ambassador, the same applies to UCAS buddies too:

Questions posed by prospects during the pilot tend to focus on information about the course, the university and specific application requirements for the institution. For example experience of interviews or writing the Personal Statement.

1.1 Difference between ambassadors on UCAS or Unibuddy?

The differences between a UCAS-only and an ordinary Unibuddy ambassador are the following:

  • Inability to share the direct URL to your individual profile.

  • Your university will also be unable to host Live Events with Unibuddy as they can on the wider platform.

People would need to search for you via the use of our filters. Please note that if a university does not have any ambassadors against a particular filter, this filter will not appear in UCAS.

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