Does Unibuddy support other languages?

Communicating in other languages on the platform

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The Unibuddy platform is supported by the following languages:

  • English (UK)

  • English (US)

  • Dutch

  • French

  • Icelandic

  • French - Canadian

  • German

  • Swedish

  • Spanish

  • Chinese (Mandarin)

We are continually working to support other languages in our products. If you’d like to activate one of these languages please direct to the integrations tab in your university dashboard.

Main widget:

The main widget code will be available to copy in a custom language. Use the drop-down menu (as shown in the screenshot) to select the language you want your widget to display in:

Traffic drivers:

You can also select custom languages for your traffic drivers by selecting the tab for the traffic driver, opening the language drop-down menu, and selecting your chosen language.

Once your new language is chosen and the code snippets are embedded, site visitors will see the platform in the selected language as per the screenshot below:

At present prospective students are able to message in their native language. Ambassadors are also free to respond in any language, and their profiles list the languages they speak.

If you would like to use a language that Unibuddy is yet to support, please reach out to your Customer success manager who will be able to help.

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