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Our partner Universities run live events each week and find great success in connecting prospects with current students and staff with our Microsite product. We're confident that this pre-event checklist will give you the support you need to host a successful event on Unibuddy.

1. Setting up your Event

  • See our step by step guide for creating a Microsite event

  • All ambassadors and staff participating in the event will need to create a Unibuddy profile in advance of the event. See here for how to invite ambassadors and staff to create a profile

  • All admins can log-in to the event with their admin log-in credentials so do not need to create a separate account

  • Assign streaming access to presenters for the relevant live sessions

  • If this is your first event, ask your Customer Success Manager to review the set up of your event at least 72 hours before your event goes live so that they can do the final checks

2. Streaming and Screen Sharing

  • All presenters should use Google Chrome as their browser and have the most up to date version

  • A strong internet connection is essential. We require an upload speed of 3.2 Mbps - 5 Mbps. Our events product will adapt frame-rate and quality to the user's connection speed, but can’t help in the case when a users Internet disconnects entirely

  • Ensure presenters have no other applications or windows running at the same time as when they are streaming or screen sharing

  • Browsers such as Google Chrome may require audio/video permissions to be allowed, please see the article here

  • All presenters should clear their browser cache before the event for optimum performance

  • If users are using a Mac and are unable to screen share, please refer to this article here

  • VPN's can also interfere with some streaming functionality, we would therefore advise this is turned off during the event

  • If your company/institution has a firewall, this could interfere with your access to the live event or to some of its functions. Please refer to this document here for sites you may need to whitelist

  • We are aware of Microsoft Powerpoint not presenting in full screen when streaming. We therefore advise using Google slides for maximum compatibility with our Events product

⚠️ In the event your firewall, VPN, Network, anti-malware or Internal Security settings as mentioned, please refer to your IT team who will be able to adapt these settings or advise how you can stream live content

3. Run a Test Event

  • Create a test event which mirrors the layout and structure of your actual event

  • Ensure that each of your presenters has a run through to check their video and audio quality, as well as their internet connection

  • Ask each presenter to follow all of the steps in the ‘Streaming Tips’ section above before the test event

  • It is advisable that each of the presenters do their tests in the same location that they will be during the actual event so that the quality of their internet connection can be checked

4. Final Pre-Checks before the Event

  • Flag any questions or concerns that arose during the test event to your Customer Success Manager at least 72 hours before the actual event

  • Check that your participants have the correct event URL

  • Ensure all ambassador and staff participants have created a Unibuddy profile

  • Double check all of the presenters have been added to relevant live sessions

  • Ask presenters to check the speed of their internet connection on the day of the event

  • Ensure that all presenters have gone through all of the steps in the streaming tips section above

5. During the Event

Please reach out to us via the live chat feature in the bottom right hand corner of the event if any issues do arise and our technical support team will be on hand to assist.

Please include a link to the event URL and provide as much detail as possible about the issues you are experiencing. This will help us troubleshoot the query much more quickly.

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