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How to use Unibuddy Part III: Navigating conversations with students
How to use Unibuddy Part III: Navigating conversations with students
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Each student has unique circumstances and will have different questions they ask of you. These may be influenced by their program choice, their region or country, and their stage in their enrollment journey.

As an ambassador, the key is to be genuine and make sure that any official information you share about your university is factual and accurate.

Frequently asked questions from prospective students by journey stage

Examples of questions we’ve seen from prospective students on the platform at different parts of their enrollment journey.


In the Explore stage prospects are gathering information about many schools, colleges, or universities.

  • Which institutions can I afford to go to?

  • Which institutions have the highest ranking?

  • Which institutions am I most likely to get accepted to, and which are a push?

  • Which institutions are located in an environment/climate that I’m familiar with or that excites me?

  • Which institutions are in my state/region?


In this stage, prospects are comparing their options. They have discovered which schools, colleges, or universities meet their essential requirements and are narrowing down their options.

  • Does this institution have a good reputation for the course that I’m interested in?

  • What type of courses does this institution offer for the subject that I’m interested in?

  • What do my friends and family think of this institution?

  • Will the location and/or course provide me with good career opportunities after I graduate?

  • What can this institution offer me that other institutions can’t?

  • What can this institution offer me other than an education?


In this stage, prospects have narrowed down their options to a few schools, colleges, or universities. They’ve decided which ones go beyond their essential requirements and are worth their time.

  • Are there ‘people like me’ who go to this University? Will I fit in? Will I make friends?

  • What is the application process like?

  • When is the deadline for the application?

  • Will I have time along with my schoolwork?

  • Does the application process excite me or make me feel anxious?

  • How much will it cost me?

  • Are there open days or open houses coming up soon?

  • Are they worth my time?

  • What if I’m not available for them?

  • Do I have my family’s approval?

  • Do I know anyone who attends?


In this stage, prospects are preparing and submitting applications.

  • How can I go through the application process as quickly and efficiently as possible?

  • What is the institution looking for in a student?

  • What will make me stand out?

  • How can I find someone who can help me through the application process?


In this stage, prospects have submitted their applications and are waiting to hear back.

  • Are there any more opportunities for me to go on campus and explore the city?

  • Can I see myself actually living there?

  • How can I prepare myself for enrollment?

  • What kind of jobs could I get with the courses that I’ve chosen?

  • If I get accepted, when do I want to start? Can I defer for a year?

  • Is there anyone else I know who has also applied to these Universities?


In this stage, prospects have received an offer from a school, college, or university.

  • What is there to know about societies, accommodation, the campus, and the town/city?

  • How can I meet people who are on my course?

  • What do I need to do before I enroll?

  • What will the first few weeks entail?

  • What does a typical day look like for a student?

  • Are there part-time jobs available?

How do I answer questions I'm unsure about?

We don’t expect you to know the answer to every single question, so don’t worry if you get stuck! As long as you’re positive and proactive, you can provide help and support. Here are some options to unblock you:

  1. Ask more questions! Dig deep to understand exactly what they’re after

  2. Research and share a link to the relevant web page, department, or person

  3. Contact your supervisor or other ambassadors for advice

  4. Redirect your conversation on Unibuddy to a member of staff or your supervisor who can help

  5. Shift the question to talk about your own experience and share relevant links and documentation

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