As a prospect, you might need to chat with ambassadors from different universities around the world so you can get as much information to help make that big decision. This is an easy process and Unibuddy has designed the platform to allow prospects to connect with more than 1 university.

  1. You might come across the Unibuddy widget on the university website or select a university from our list of partner universities using this link.

  2. On the page where the platform (Widget) is displayed, you need to proceed by clicking on the signup button.

  3. Once you've clicked on sign up, a new box will display with a request for your details. Do not enter any information and click on the login feature.

  4. The next step after you click on login is where you get to enter your email address and password, the same login information used when you first created a Unibuddy account.

  5. If the correct details are used and you click on login, this will take you back to the settings page where you can now complete other relevant requirements related to the university.

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