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How do I map the Unibuddy applicant ID to a unique ID in Slate?
How do I map the Unibuddy applicant ID to a unique ID in Slate?
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To allow Slate to interface with any external system, first create any new fields in Slate that will contain the unique ID of records from an external system.

These fields should be configured to contain a unique value. This makes it possible to match records in Slate with records in other systems.

For step by instructions on how to map a Unibuddy applicant ID to a unique ID in Slate, follow the steps below:

Create a field to store the unique ID:

  1. Select Database on the top navigation bar.

  2. Select Fields from the drop-down menu.

  3. Select Insert, then enter the following configurations:

  • Status: Set field to Active.

  • Scope: Select “Person”

  • ID: Set to "unibuddy_id"

  • Name: Set to "Unibuddy ID" (This will be the display name of the field.)

  • Prompt: As these fields will be unique, they will not be associated with a prompt list.

  • Value: Set to ”Store Value (bit/language/state/country/user prompts and text fields only)”.

  • Multiple: Set to ”Single Value” since these fields will contain only one data value.

  • Unique: Set to ”Value contains a unique ID that identifies a single record for merging”. This setting is crucial for all person ID fields in order to differentiate unique records.

  • Data Type: Select “Text/Unspecified”

Map Unibuddy applicant ID to the unique ID field in Slate

Once you've created a new unique field. you then need to map the external ID to your newly created ID in the Source Format.

We recommend that the unique sent by Unibuddy should be imported as "applicant_id" within Slate. Hence, you will need to map "applicant_id" to the Destination --> Fields --> Other - Unibuddy ID. See below:

For further information about importing current person data, see Slate's article about it here.

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