An "interaction" in Slate is an event that appears on the user record activity history. See an example below:

To create an interaction when a user joins a Community, follow the steps below:

PLEASE NOTE: For the interactions to be correctly imported, the Unibuddy applicant ID needs to be mapped to a unique identifier within Slate. For instructions on how to do this, SEE THIS ARTICLE.

  1. Within Slate, select Database from the navigation bar at the top of the page, then select Activity & Interaction Codes from the Records section.

  2. Select Insert.

  3. Enter the following interaction configurations in the dialog box, then click Save:

  • Type: Interaction

  • Code: unibuddy_interactions

  • Parent Code: (Leave this area blank)

  • Label: Unibuddy Interactions

  • Status: Active

4. Select Insert again.

5. Enter the following interaction configurations in the dialog box, then click Save:

  • Type: Interaction

  • Code: Community

  • Parent Code: Unibuddy Interactions

  • Label: Joined Unibuddy Community

  • Status: Active

Update Source Format Definition

  1. Navigate to your previously created Unibuddy Source Format (suggested name: "UB Source Format"), select the Edit button, add the source code below before the last </f>, then click Save.

<f id="community_1_code" s="community[1]/interaction_code" /> <f id="community_1_subject" s="community[1]/interaction_subject" /> <f id="community_1_date" s="community[1]/interaction_date" /> <f id="community_2_code" s="community[2]/interaction_code" /> <f id="community_2_subject" s="community[2]/interaction_subject" /> <f id="community_2_date" s="community[2]/interaction_date" /> <f id="community_3_code" s="community[3]/interaction_code" /> <f id="community_3_subject" s="community[3]/interaction_subject" /> <f id="community_3_date" s="community[3]/interaction_date" />

PLEASE NOTE: We recommend adding as many as 10 of the above code/subject/date field mappings because a Slate source format is in XML, and there is no way within Slate to specify a dynamic array or list size.

Remap Source Format fields to the Interaction

PLEASE NOTE: Before proceeding with this next step, be sure to invite a test user to your Community so that data is available for your Remap.

  1. Select the fields on the "Field Mappings" page, and map them in the following ways:

  • Map Source community_1_code to Destination: Interaction, Interaction: Code

  • Map Source community_1_subject to Destination: Interaction, Interaction: Subject

  • Map Source community_1_date to Destination: Interaction, Interaction: Date

  • Set Group to 1

Repeat for as many elements as you expect to receive in that array (while changing the "Group" to 2, 3, etc. as you proceed). In the above array, if you expect there will be a max of 10 events on the list, remap all 10 "Code", "Subject", and "Date" fields. As mentioned above, increment the "Group" number for each set.

Map the Field Value to the Interaction Code

Once the data is uploaded, you will need to remap the Source Value to Destination Value in the prompt value.

  1. On the Source Format page, click on Remap.

2. Click on Prompt Value Mappings.

3. Click on the Source Field "community_1_code."

4. Under the Destination Value, update to "Unibuddy Interactions - Community Joined."

5. Repeat this step for all "community_<x>_code."

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