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Promoting your Platform
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Now that you are live we recommend integrating a strong 'chat with' call to action into your communication strategy.

Promote the platform on your Social Media and in Email campaigns

Many of our partners see large surges in interaction after the promotion of the platform on their social media platforms and promoting it via email. Our partners have seen increases in engagement of up to 150% after such promotions. Here are some examples:

1.1. LinkedIn

1.2. Instagram

1.3. Twitter

๐Ÿ’ก Top Tip: You can use the unique share link on an individual student or staff profiles, as well as on individual blog posts, and post these on social media and in email campaigns.

Share a Buddy Profile

Share a Blog Post

For a full list of our best practice examples, along with a template communication strategy, please see our view the article here in our resources section.

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