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In order for us to build your platform you will need to provide 5 simple platform requirements:

1. Course List

This should be sent as a single list in a CSV. We would recommend including all courses at different levels, with the subject and degree level in different columns. See the below example.

Mechanical Engineering


2. Logos

These are used and embedded within the email notifications that we send to prospects and ambassadors and are used inside the ambassador app and on the mobile version of the platform.

  • Full-Colour Logo (PNG) (Minimum 200px tall/wide)

  • White Reversed Logo (PNG) (Minimum 200px tall/wide)

  • Square Logo (Usually used for Social Media - JPEG - Ensure the height and width are the same for best results (Minimum 200px tall/wide)

3. Hex code Colour (Branding Colour)

This is the colour that will make sure the platform blends perfectly with your website. We suggest a mid-density colour from your brand colour palette, not too light, not too dark. Very often this will be the secondary colour used on your website/brand. Your university Hex code will look something like this #FF5733.

4. Administrator List

These are the people you’d like to have access to the dashboard when you launch: First name, surname, and email.

Please note - We can only have one email in our system, so if you would like an admin to also have a staff ambassador account, they will need to use a secondary email. Alternatively, feel free to set up team admin accounts, so you can then use official university emails for staff ambassador accounts. e.g [email protected].

Some example roles that typically need access to the platform:

  1. Ambassador Manager(s)

  2. Web Manager

  3. CRM Manager

  4. Marketing team

  5. Events team

5. Privacy Policy

Your privacy policy is built into the Unibuddy sign-up process for users informing them of how their data is processed and stored. Please send us the URL of where this information is found on your website.

The next steps:

Please share these requirements with your Onboarding Manager or Customer Success Manager via email or the online form link which will be sent to you. Once received, the Unibuddy team will build your platform for you.

Once your admin dashboard is created, all of the staff in the administrator list will then receive an automated email to set their admin password. Once the password has been set, each administrator can log in to the dashboard here.

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