What is a Unibuddy Live Event?

Introduction to live events and how you can access one.

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Live Events

A Unibuddy live event is a real-time chat and live-streaming session which enables scheduled group chats or 1-2-1 direct message chats between prospective students, Ambassadors, and University Staff.

A live stream and/or live feeds will cover a variety of topics where prospective students can ask questions pertaining to those topics. Student and Staff Ambassadors will then provide answers to these questions or offer general support, advice, and guidance.

How can I access an event?

Please see here for more information on how to access a Unibuddy live event.

Do I need to have an account in order to participate in the event?

Yes. If you are participating in a Unibuddy live event and don't yet have a Student or Staff Ambassador profile, please reach out to your Unibuddy Admin or supervisor and they will send you an invitation email to create your account.

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