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How to use Unibuddy Part II: Ideas for user-generated content
How to use Unibuddy Part II: Ideas for user-generated content
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As an Ambassador it isn’t always easy writing content and at times you’re unsure where to start. Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered!

Here are 4 tips to help you write engaging content that keeps your audience hooked. Following this section, we’ve shared some content ideas to help you get started building out your own content pieces.

Tips to help you write engaging content

  1. Include a clear, attention-grabbing headline

  2. Start with an opening line that captures the reader's interest. We’ve learned asking a question can get your audience thinking!

  3. Use relevant visual queues like pictures, videos, or GIFs to bring your story to life

  4. Speak about things you have a genuine interest in or passion for

  5. Give your audience a call-to-action (CTA), a landmark to visit in the city, or a link to your ambassador profile to chat further on Unibuddy

Content Ideas

  1. Student Life:

Prospects want to know one thing – what life is like as a student at your institution! What’s so great about campus life? What clubs are there and what’s your experience been like? A glimpse into the reality of student life and your experience at the institution helps prospective students understand what to expect, how they might fit in, and whether the social scene is what they’re looking for.

Recommended Blog titles:

  • A day in the life at ‘Insert University Name’

  • Being an ‘Insert Club name member’

  • Why you should come to ‘Insert University Name’!

2. Academics:

There’s nothing better than hearing about the course you’re interested in from a student who’s currently studying it! Writing about your academic program, the class size, teaching styles, and how to prepare yourself gives prospective students a real understanding of what they may experience. This in turn allows them to make confident and informed decisions about where they’ll decide to study.

Recommended blog titles:

  • My favorite things about ‘course name’

  • How to prepare for ‘course name’

  • Top tips to succeed in ‘course name’

  • Best Practices when submitting an ‘insert scholarship name here’ application

3. Campus Resources:

What makes your campus great? What services do you value that your institution offers? Those are the questions to think about when writing content on Campus Resources. Providing prospects with information on what support services are available will help them feel more comfortable about attending your institution. Campus resources may include libraries, career centers, counseling services, health clinics, and exam help!

Recommended Blog Titles:

  • Where to find someone to talk to at ‘Insert University Name’

  • How the Careers team helped me

  • A guide to the library at ‘Insert University Name’

4. Student Success:

Do you have success stories that you can share? How did you achieve the grade you set out to? If you're an alum what would be your top tips to get into your dream career? Highlighting achievements and accomplishments can help prospective students envision their own success and see the potential of attending your institution. Don’t be shy! Shout about your successes. Sharing is caring at the end of the day and you can help someone else achieve their dreams too.

Recommended Blog Titles:

  • How I achieved ‘x grade’ at ‘Insert University Name’

  • My journey to becoming an ‘x job’

  • How to overcome the exam anxiety

5. Location:

Making the decision to go to University or College can be a daunting one. Think about having to leave home, and potentially going to a country or city you’re not familiar with. From personal experience, it’s no easy feat! Content centered around the location of your institution can ease the nerves of a prospect and provide them with a sense of what living there is like. Highlight the local attractions, cultural recurring events, hangout spots, where to eat, and any other nice points of interest!

Recommended Blog Titles:

  • Visiting the ‘insert local landmark’

  • Top 3 Cafés to visit in ‘insert area name’

  • Must-attend events at ‘insert area name’

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