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Unibuddy & Your Responsibilities as an Ambassador
Unibuddy & Your Responsibilities as an Ambassador
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Unibuddy Overview

University, school, or college is pretty great, isn’t it? It’s a place where you grow both academically and as a person, where you make new friends, explore new ideas, and make memories. It’s an experience that is unique for every single student, but it can be hard to capture on the pages of a website or a brochure.

That’s where you come in! As a current student, you know more than most about what students are going through, and how valuable it can be to speak to someone who has been through a similar process. To thrive, you need to feel like you belong and will be challenged and supported in the right ways. On Unibuddy, you can give students an authentic insight into your own experience, provide much-needed reassurance and help students feel confident in their future decisions.

This handbook has all the resources you need to get set up, and have engaging and meaningful conversations with prospective students, along with tips and tricks to be a great Unibuddy ambassador.

Your responsibilities as an Ambassador

  1. Chatting with prospective students through the Unibuddy platform

  2. Answering questions from prospective students about your university, college or school experience

  3. Redirecting students to the right resources and people

  4. Create and share short, snappy content pieces about your experience

  5. You may take part in live streaming sessions - Q&As, webinars, group sessions

  6. Engage and share information with admitted students on Community

  7. Create a buzz: share your passion and enthusiasm

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