Recruiting Ambassadors

Whether you’re building your Ambassador Program from scratch or looking to take your program to the next level, we’ve got you covered.

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Step 1: Outline a clear definition of what you’re looking for in an ambassador.

  • What is your definition of a student or staff ambassador and what do you expect from this person?

  • What behaviors or qualities does this person have that will make them an excellent ambassador?

  • What is the purpose of their role?

Unibuddy’s example criteria for ambassadors.

*Reminder: to use this as a guide. You may wish to add or remove based on the requirements for your university.

The behaviors, qualities and scale you’re looking for:

You are a strong communicator: you are an effective, clear writer and presenter and can tailor your communication style and content to the audience in a compelling manner.

You have a strong passion for serving and understanding prospective students as they navigate the toughest decisions of their life.

You are reliable and committed to represent and promote the reputation of the university in a competent and professional manner, and provide prospective students an engaging and authentic experience.

You are flexible to prioritize requirements based on the direction of your Ambassador Manager and where your support and time is needed.

You’re a digital native, and open to learning and using new digital tools to enhance the prospective student experience.

You have strong people skills that allow you to easily engage with prospective students, share your experience and be an open source of knowledge for those interested in attending the university.

You’re looking for a diverse representation of courses, programs, nationalities, languages and hobbies to help you influence and encourage a prospective student to engage with you in many different ways that resonate with them.

You’re looking for at least 5 ambassadors to get started. The more diverse your ambassadors are the higher chance a prospective student will engage with you. Depending on your university size you can grow this number.

Step 2: Build your job descriptions

  • What will their day-to-day responsibilities look like?

  • What do you expect from their role holistically outside of Unibuddy?

  • Is there any institution-specific training required to make them successful?

  • How much time will they need to dedicate?

  • Benefits to students, staff and faculty

Step 3: Promote and shout about it!

  • Tell everyone internally about your ambassador program, the benefits of having one and why they should consider joining

  • Share your open roles across social, email and internal platforms

  • Make sure to have a strong call to action to drive interest

Download our tools below to help recruit the right ambassadors and shout about your program internally.

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