What is an Ambassador Program?
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What is an Ambassador Program?

The ambassador program is a cohort of students, staff, faculty and alumni that are the voice and face of your institution. They are your on-campus and digital advocates living the experience right now.

As a cohort, they’re typically a passionate, proactive and engaged bunch with a desire to share their stories and experiences to help prospective and admitted students make the right decisions about where to study and move them forward with the right guidance, advice and reassurance.

92% of students say it is beneficial to speak to a current student during the search process.

Student quote:

“Chatting with a student ambassador cemented my confidence in my decision to enroll and gave me the guidance I needed to make an informed decision and a nice transition into school life”

  • Anonymous Unibuddy User, 2019 survey

Quotes from our partners:

“Students who attend here after initially chatting with our student ambassadors say they feel more at ease”

  • Unibuddy Admin at Fisher College - US

“New Unibuddy ambassadors said they applied to be an ambassador because they used Unibuddy themselves to ultimately choose to attend our university.”

  • Unibuddy Admin at Binghamton University - US

“Our institution’s students are its main strength and having unibuddy as a platform to demonstrate this is vital to our future.”

  • Unibuddy Admin at University of Leicester - UK

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