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How to integrate Make/Integromat with Unibuddy
How to integrate Make/Integromat with Unibuddy
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PLEASE NOTE: Before beginning to set up your Make (formerly known as Integromat) integration with Unibuddy, please make sure the following steps have already been taken:

  • Your Main Platform Widget URL has been created and supplied to your Customer Success Manager. This URL should be live and not a test site.

  • At least one (1) prospect or test prospect account has been created.

To successfully integrate your Unibuddy data with Make, follow the instructions below:

1. Sign up for Make at:

2. Once you've signed in, select the Scenario tab on the left side and name it whatever you'd like.

3. Click on the giant plus sign, then search for and select the Webhooks option.

4. Select the Custom Webhook option.

5. Select the Add option, name your webhook, then click Save.

6. Select the Copy Address to Clipboard button to copy your webhook URL, then share the URL with Unibuddy Support. Additionally, when contacting Support, please include your desired date format as these can vary for different regions.

For example, dd-mm-yyyy or mm-dd-yyyy.

Once the Support team has added your URL to the Unibuddy backend, the Stop icon should then appear green and say Successfully Determined. Once that change has occurred, click OK.

7. Select the Add another module icon.

8. Search for and select your applicable CRM.

9. From the drop-down list, scroll down and select the Create/Update a Contact option. These options may vary depending on the CRM you're using.

10. Under Connection, select the Add button then sign into your CRM from the popup.

11. Select the relevant University account and click Choose Account, then Connect App.

12. Under Property Groups, select the Contact Information option.

13. Begin field mapping by clicking your cursor on the applicable prompt and selecting the correct field to add.

For example, select the email field for the "Email" prompt.

14. Once field mapping is complete, select OK.

15. Exit the editing view by selecting the "back" arrow button.

16. Set the toggle in the upper-right section to On.

From here, your Unibuddy/Make connection should be all set.

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