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How to add custom prospect fields to Slate Integration?
How to add custom prospect fields to Slate Integration?
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To add your custom prospect fields to your Slate integration, follow the instructions below:

  1. After you've created your custom prospect fields in your University Dashboard, log into Slate.

  2. Navigate to your previously created Unibuddy Source Format.

  3. In the Format Definition area, convert all characters lowercase, replace all whitespace within the field name with underscores, and click Save.

PLEASE NOTE: The name of your new custom field needs to match what you input into your Format Definition area, and there should be no special characters (For example, ? or !). For example, if your new custom field was named Sample Custom Field, you would then add this format into your Format Definition area:

<f id="sample_custom_field" s="sample_custom_field" />

This can be done before or after your sync is already live. If you choose to add your custom prospects fields to your JSON file before the Unibuddy Support team adds your Slate service information to the backend, please be aware that the sample data payload you receive will not include data in your custom fields.

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