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How to record a Live Session on my Event?
How to record a Live Session on my Event?
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Universities now have the capability to record and download their events' live streams and live sessions. This new feature is available for both the Webinar and Microsite Experience.

For instructions on how to record your live streams and live sessions, see below:

  1. Log into your University Dashboard and select the Events tab on the navigation bar.

  2. Select the layout that is available to you (either Webinar or Microsite Experience).

  3. Once you select Create New Event for either layout, the Recording Live Stream toggle will be set to ON by default for new Webinar and Microsite live stream events. This can be switched off up to five (5) minutes before the scheduled event start time.

See how this will be displayed for each layout below:


Microsite Experience

PLEASE NOTE: Once the event starts, the Record Live Stream toggle will be disabled and cannot be switched on or off.

Event Set-Up

When live stream hosts are setting up to join the live stream, a message will display that indicates that the stream is being recorded. Selecting the Continue to stream button is considered consent and is recorded as such.

While streaming, the live stream hosts will see the recording indicator. This indicator will not be visible to the attendees.

Hosts can share their screens during the event which will also be recorded.

Download your recording post-event:

The recording will conclude automatically when the last presenter stops streaming and the platform will start to upload the recording.

For Webinar events, the session recording list for the event can be found via the Session Recording Action button.

Webinar View

For Microsite events, access to the recording is a two-step process. On the Microsite Events Dashboard, select the Event Recording icon, then choose the particular session to access the Session Recordings.

PLEASE NOTE: A new recording is made every time they stop a stream and start another. For example, if all presenters/hosts stop streaming and leave for a break, the recording will stop. A new recording would start once a host rejoins the stream.


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