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How does our Custom API integration work?
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In order to implement an API connection, your Unibuddy main widget needs to be embedded on your website.

Once the main widget is launched, the URL where the widget is located should be shared with your Customer Success Manager.

PLEASE NOTE: You can also provide the Unibuddy Support team with your widget URL via the chat bubble located in your University Dashboard.

Once your widget has been embedded and your widget URL has been added to the backend, you can then move forward to create your custom API connection with Unibuddy.

A pull method can be used when creating your custom connection to Unibuddy's API.

If you opt for the pull method, your CRM will pull the data (as a CSV file) from Unibuddy into your CRM. The data file is pulled at a set time daily and will then need to be manually processed in the CRM.

Using this connection will not allow for auto-updates when lead data is created, updated, or deleted.

NB: The article above is only available for Unibuddy Admins to view. Please reach out to your admin for further information.

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