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Can I intervene in an Ambassador Conversation?
Can I intervene in an Ambassador Conversation?
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At Unibuddy, we believe user safety is paramount and that our Admins should have the ability to intervene in conversations on their platform if the situation warrants it.

We recognize that our three (3) canned responses are only helpful for certain scenarios, and may not be applicable for every situation.

Therefore, we’d like to offer you the ability to create and send custom messages to Prospects within the Conversation Management tool to allow you to intervene if necessary.

PLEASE NOTE: We recommend only using the customizable response as a last resort if none of the pre-formatted messages are relevant in context.

You may wish to send a customized response if:

  • There is a safeguarding concern:

    • The Prospect is at risk of harming themselves or others.

    • The Prospect has shared some distressing information and you’d like to reach out to recommend support services.

    • The Ambassador has shared some distressing information, and you’d like to reach out to the Prospect.

  • The Ambassador has shared inaccurate or misleading information about the university.

  • The Ambassador has abused the platform:

    • Trying to sell their own product or services through your platform.

    • Coercing Prospects to share sensitive information (ie. bank account details, passwords).

    • Sending Prospects flirtatious messages or making unwanted advances.

    • Sending Prospects abusive or threatening messages.

In instances where you would like to send personalized (or mass) messages to particular Prospects (for instance, inviting them along to an event based on their course of interest), please use the Broadcast feature.

This feature will need to be manually switched on for your University, so please reach out to your Customer Success Manager about enabling this feature for you.

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