Yes, all fields on the Prospect sign-up form are the data that is currently pulled through from Unibuddy to Slate.

These fields include:

  • Email

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Status

  • Country

  • Domestic Region (Example: For the United States, this could be a specific state)

  • Unibuddy ID (the unique ID assigned to each prospective student)

  • Sign Up Location (Where did this prospect sign up?)

  • Date of Entry (From the "When do you hope to join us?" field)

  • Degree levels (From the "What Degree Level are you interested in?" field)

  • Degrees Interested (From the "Area of Study" field)

  • Live events (Have they attended any Live Events?)

  • Blocked status (Has this prospect been blocked?)

  • Any custom fields added

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