To successfully integrate your Unibuddy data with Zapier, follow the instructions below:

Make a Unibuddy - CRM Connection Entity (in this case, make a Zap)

  1. Sign up for Zapier at:

  2. Once have signed in, select Zaps from the navigation menu on the left hand side. From there, create a new Zap:

3. Name your Zap and add a Webhook by selecting Webhooks by Zapier under the Built-in Apps section.

4. While adding the Webhook, use Catch Hook under the Choose Trigger Event prompt.

5. A URL is then generated. Copy this URL to your clipboard and share it with your Unibuddy Customer Success Manager.

6. After your Unibuddy Customer Success Manager notifies you that your URL has been added to the Unibuddy backend, click Continue. From there, under the Find Data prompt, select Test & Continue.

7. Once you receive a successful receipt of test data from Unibuddy to the Zapier Webhook, scroll further down the page until you reach the Do This section.

8. Select or type in the name of your CRM, for example: Salesforce, Hubspot.

9. Choose the equivalent Action Event for creating a lead. Salesforce, for example, uses Create Record then click Continue.

10. After you click Continue, sign in with your CRM account details to authorize the Zap.

Set up Field Mapping and Data Transformation

11. Select CRM object equivalent to a prospective student. Example: In Salesforce, you may select Lead or Contact.

12. You will then be able to create a Field Mapping between Webhook and CRM using the form.

13. Click Continue to verify that the sample data is in the correct columns.

14. Once verified, click Continue and test from there.

15. Should you ever need to add Custom fields to your CRM, just click Refresh Fields in order to map the new fields to the data from Unibuddy.

Go Live!

16. Turn the Zap ON, or you can turn Zaps ON or OFF from the Zaps page.

17. Once your Zaps have been turned on, you're all set! Any newly created prospective student account leads will be sent to the Webhook and passed through the Zap directly into your CRM system.

Sample Lead in Salesforce:

Sample Lead in Hubspot:

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