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What's the safety of our virtual events?
What's the safety of our virtual events?

Safeguarding and Moderation

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Unibuddy takes the protection of its users - prospects and student ambassadors - very seriously. And that very much includes ensuring the safety of all users during a live event. We have a number of tools to stay safe during a live event:

Blocking a Prospect and Deleting Messages

  • You as a university administrator, or a Staff or Student Ambassador, can block a prospect from an event.

  • You can also delete messages too with a simple but powerful set of moderation tools. You can delete messages from prospects, as well as those posted by ambassadors, during the event.

Moderation tools

Once a user has been blocked from the event

Once a message has been deleted

Institution - Review and moderation

Much like users who have been blocked via the chat platform, you will be able to review and moderate blocked users from live events.

  • The institution administrator receives immediate notification of the block, and the reasons given.

  • Institution chooses whether to block the user from contacting any ambassador at their institution, or to ignore - and can respond to the ambassador directly.

Unibuddy - Review

  • Similar to the chat platform, Unibuddy also reviews blocked users from live events.

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