This guide demonstrates how to link your University's Unibuddy account to your CRM.

After completing the actions below, you will be able to send your Unibuddy prospective student leads to your CRM using Microsoft Power Automate:


  1. Login to Power Automate and create a new scenario. Select Automated Cloud Flow under Build your own from Blank.

2. Skip the first step to select a trigger.

3. Select When an HTTP request is received.

4. Generate schema using the Use sample payload to generate schema option. Your Unibuddy Customer Success Manager will share the "Sample Payload."

5. Add the next step of the scenario and select your CRM.

6. Select Actions, then Create a new record (deprecated).

7. Select your CRM Account. You will have to sign in if you are not signed in already.

8. Map your fields to the schema fields generated from the sample payload.

9. Save the scenario to generate the Webhook URL.

10. Copy the Webhook URL generated and share it with your Unibuddy Customer Success Manager.

11. Your Customer Success Manager will revert after configuring the Webhook URL into Unibuddy's CRM integration framework.

12. After the confirmation, you can test the connection. Once the connection is successful, you are all set.

🚀 Buckle up for the increased traffic of prospective students funneling into your CRM and Marketing Automation systems through UniBuddy!

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