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How to play pre-recorded video content within a Livestream (Chrome ONLY)?
How to play pre-recorded video content within a Livestream (Chrome ONLY)?

Sharing pre-recorded content while hosting a Livestream.

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PLEASE NOTE: To host a Live Stream, Unibuddy requires an upload speed of 3.2 Mbps - 5 Mbps. Additionally, having a steady Internet connection is the most important. The Live Events product will adapt frame-rate and quality to the user's connection speed, but can’t help in the case when a user's Internet disconnects entirely.

If you are the host of a Livestream using Google Chrome 72 or later, you can share pre-recorded video content (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) during a presentation using the steps below.

PLEASE NOTE: Safari does not support the presenter’s screen-sharing capabilities and Firefox does not support the ‘share computer audio’ functionality while screen sharing.

Sharing Pre-Recoded Content

  1. Once you navigate to your Live Stream feed, click on Stream Set Up,select your preferred Camera and Microphone, then click on Continue to Stream.

2. Once you have selected Continue to stream, you are then live and the audience can see you.

3. Once you have started streaming, select the Share Screen icon, indicated by the arrow below.

3. (1) Once you have selected the Share Screen icon, select the Chrome Tab option on the right side of the pop-up window. (2) Then, select the tab containing your video content.

(3) From there, check the Share Audio box located on the bottom left side. (4) Then when you are ready to share your video, select Share.

The tab containing your video content will open as soon as you click Share.

4. When you are done sharing your video content, select Stop and the video will revert back to your personal designated camera view.

PLEASE NOTE: This is not the ability to schedule pre-recorded video content. This is a browser-enabled feature to share audio, which means users can screen-share a browser tab with a video or audio file instead (YouTube, Vimeo) and present that during their live streaming. Future iterations for scheduling pre-recorded sessions will come later in the roadmap.

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