To add Student and Staff Ambassadors as hosts for your live stream, follow the instructions below:

1. Once you have added all the required fields in the Basic Information section of your live event (you can find out the basics on how to create a live event here), you'll be taken to the Live Feeds tab.

2. Select Add Livestream (for more information on how to set up a live stream, see here), and add all of the required fields.

3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select the Staff and Student Ambassadors you would like to be part of the overall live stream (to feature in the text chat as well as live stream hosts) by hovering over the Ambassador and selecting the "+" sign next to their name.

4.) All the Ambassadors you selected will then appear beneath in the Select video stream hosts area. From there, you can then select which of the Ambassadors you would like to grant live stream host/presenting permissions.

See the video below for an additional walk-through:

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