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I can't see anything/ some functions aren't working on the live event?
I can't see anything/ some functions aren't working on the live event?

Tackling viewing issue on live events

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If you are unable to view any content or interact while attending a live event, this is usually due to the following reasons:

  • Your Unibuddy Admin has not assigned you access to the relevant live feeds/ direct messaging. Please refer to your Admin in this instance.

  • Check with your Admin if you are using the correct event link.

  • Ensure that you are using Google Chrome or Edge as your browser.

  • Browsers such as Google Chrome may require audio/video permissions to be allowed, please see the article here.

  • Check if the anti-malware software you are running is not allowing you access to the event link by turning it off.

  • Turn off any ad blockers or add on's you may have in place on your browser.

  • Try clearing your browser cache and then logging back into the event.

  • If you are using the Unibuddy app to see a live event, then all functions may not be supported, we recommend using your desktop/laptop.

  • If you are using the web browser on your phone, you must ensure you meet these requirements: Apple ios target is 12.2 currently, theoretically supported by iphone5s onwards. Android target os is pie(9), min supported version is jellybean (4.1)

  • If you are using a Mac and can access the live stream but are unable to screen share, please refer to this article here.

  • When live streaming, video must be enabled to allow the stream to load.

  • VPN's can also interfere with your visibility of the event, in which instance we would advise this is turned off during the event.

  • If your company/institution has a firewall, this could interfere with your access to the live event or to some of its functions. Please refer to this document here for sites you may need to whitelist.

  • Security agents, which are used to browse online through such as microtrend, could also prevent you from streaming live content.

⚠️ In the event your firewall, VPN, Network, anti-malware or Internal Security settings as mentioned above may be preventing you from accessing the live event, please refer to your IT team who will be able to adapt these settings or advise how you can stream live content.

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