1 Managing Live Events

Admin and Ambassador accounts have the ability to live stream content in a Live Event. Once you’ve added Live Streaming capability to your Live Event, log into the event before the start date to familiarize yourself with the streaming functionality.

1.1 Setting up for "Kick off"

  1. Log in with your Admin or Ambassador account to the Live Event.

  2. Navigate to the ‘Livestream’ feed in the left sidebar.

As a University Admin, or Host, your view is very similar to that of the prospective student. You’ll notice the cover image of the first live session displayed on the right hand side of the screen. Above that image are some settings which are only viewable by Hosts.

In order to create the best streaming experience for your prospective students, it is important you are using the latest version of your browser.

Please see here for list of browsers we support.

1.2 Allow use of Camera/Microphone

When you first open the Livestream feed, Google will ask permission to access your camera and microphone. See steps below:

  1. Grant permission for use by clicking ‘Allow’ buttom.

  2. Choose which of the available cameras you’d like to stream.

  3. Choose which of the available microphones you’d like to stream.

  4. Click the 'Save' button.


Your camera feed is displayed for you to check, but no other users in the Live Event can see your camera or hear your microphone at this point.

If you want to switch to a different camera or microphone you can click 'Back to Settings'.

Once you’re happy with your setup, you’re ready to go live! Simply click 'Start Stream' and your camera and microphone will be broadcast into the channel.

1.3 Broadcast controls/Sharing screen

You can use the on screen controls to turn your camera or microphone on/off. From here you can also choose to share your screen to your audience if you wish to.

Please see steps below for sharing your screen:

  1. Click the Computer icon in image below.

  2. A dialog box will appear - from this screen you may choose to share your entire screen or a particular application window.

  3. Select what you want to share and then click Share.


Your camera feed will be replaced with a live broadcast of your screen.

📝To turn off screen-sharing, click the share screen icon once more.

1.4 Multiple Presenters

Unibuddy allows there to be upwards of four (4) Hosts during a Live Streaming session. To learn how to add multiple Hosts, see the following article.

💡 You can connect most broadcasting softwares to Unibuddy Live by creating a "Virtual Camera" in that software. This virtual camera can be selected as your camera device during setup, combining the power of live broadcast softwares with Unibuddy Live’s event experience.

💡 When there is a host already streaming and a new possible 5th Host takes control and starts streaming, the previous Host will receive an alert that 'another Host is now hosting the video stream' and is automatically redirected to view the new stream.

1.5 Ending the broadcast

Don’t worry if your broadcast looks as if it is going to overrun the ‘Live Session End Time’. The Live Sessions you set up are simply a guide for users to know when they can expect live segments to take place.

Your broadcast won’t be automatically turned off when the Live Session End Time elapses.

If you think your Live Session is due to significantly overrun, you can always edit your Live Sessions so that they better reflect the new running order.

When you’re ready to end your broadcast, simply click the Stop Stream button - your video will be turned off, and the cover image for the next live session will be shown for the other users.

Check out our video guide below!

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