How to add a Live Stream?

Setting up a live stream and adding sessions

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Live Streaming

Enrich your live events by including live audio/visual streaming content and screen sharing capabilities to your Live Feeds. If you'd like to know more about Unibuddy Live Events with Live Streaming, please get in touch with your Customer Success Manager.

How to add a Livestream to a Live Event:

When creating a Live Event, follow the steps below after you have successfully filled out the Basic Information section:

  • Navigate to the second tab, Live Feeds.

  • Select Add Livestream.

  • Add the name and description of your live stream, then add the Ambassadors you would like to be present in the Feed area. You can then select from your chosen Ambassadors which ones you would like to be the "hosts" of your live stream.

  • PLEASE NOTE: Admins do not need to be manually added in order to host a live stream.

Add Sessions to your Live Stream channel:

After you have saved your live stream, an option to Add Another Session will appear at the bottom under Session Information. The sessions act as a schedule for the students in your Live Stream channel. See instructions below on how to add your sessions:

If the Live Stream channel is already is opened:

  • Scroll down and select Add Another Session button.

  • Fill in the required information (Session name, description, image, and start/end time). Then select Save Session.

If the Live Stream channel is not opened:

  • In the Live Feeds section, select Edit Livestream next to the live stream channel.

  • Fill in the required information (Session name, description, image, and start/end time). Then select Save Session.

  • You can come back and edit your sessions before and during your live event.


  • Your Customer Success Manager will be able to share some walk-through videos with you. Please contact them directly for these.

  • Admins will automatically be able to live stream, Staff and Student Ambassadors must be selected to be video stream hosts.

  • Only one live feed per event can have live streaming capabilities added to it.

  • You are not able to edit live sessions once their end times have elapsed.

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