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How do I customise ambassador profiles?
How do I customise ambassador profiles?
Tailor your ambassador profiles
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1 Customisation for Ambassadors

You can now customise ambassador profiles with profile fields and welcome messages.

To access these two features head to your dashboard and follow the steps below:

  1. Click "Customization" in left hand side menu

  2. Click "Ambassadors" in sub menu.


1.1 Fields which can be added

You can add new fields for your ambassadors’ profiles - such as college, faculty or campus. You can also control which three filters are available to your prospects at the top of your Unibuddy Platform- making it even easier for prospects to find someone like them.

1.2 Welcome Message Addition

You can change the default welcome message for your institution, or even allow your ambassadors to set their own.


2 How to best use these features?

We wanted to give you some inspiration for how to use these new features, so here are some ideas and best practice:

2.1 Allow your prospects to filter by campus or college


If you have multiple campuses, you can now allow prospective students to filter profiles by which campus the students are located at.

2.2 Set expectations by setting ambassador welcome messages

Share your institution’s average response time in the welcome message, to ensure your prospects know when to expect a reply.

2.3 Let your ambassadors personality shine

By allowing ambassadors to set their own welcome messages, you can let them show their own personality and give an introductory message that gives a better picture of themselves.

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