Who has access to student ambassador data?

Student ambassador data access

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Student ambassadors will also sign-up to clear terms and conditions. Universities will have full access to:

  • Profile data.

  • The activities of the ambassadors.

  • Can view the conversations of ambassadors.

  • University can make use of their content (primarily blogs) on their websites; while the individual retains ownership of their content, the

Profile data and blogs are all displayed in public on the University website (except specific personal information such as surname, email and phone number).

Unibuddy will use the data in the same way as for prospects:

  • To enable the communication via the platform,

  • To send reminders to the student ambassadors.

  • Analyse the conversations in order to identify topics and answers.

Unibuddy will not communicate with ambassadors who have signed up via a University website in order to promote either general Unibuddy services or third party services.

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