What is the Question Suggestion System?
Question prompts to give prospects ideas of what to ask
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We know that longer conversations mean more engaged students and more authentic connections - so we're always thinking of ways to keep prospects coming. Our new Question Suggestion System does just that. After prospects ask their first question and get an answer, the Question Suggestion System offers some prompts for their next question.

(i) How do these prompts appear?

These will automatically appear in the chat window once a student starts typing. We hope these question suggestions will give your prospective students more ideas to keep their conversations going for longer, and more chances to learn more about your university.


(ii) How do I enable this feature?

The Question Suggestion System is already enabled on all platforms, so you don't need to do anything on your end.

(iii) Can I turn this feature off?

If you'd prefer your prospective students didn't see question suggestions, you can also switch the feature off straight from your dashboard. Just go to "Customizations" - "Features" and toggle Question Suggestion System off.

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