What can Unibuddy do with prospective students' data?

Ways which Unibuddy can process prospect data

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Unibuddy can perform the following with the prospects data:

  • Access the users' personal data in order to provide the communication service.

  • Send further automated messages to the student in order to re-engage users with existing conversations or with new conversations with a student ambassador.

  • Gather feedback about the students’ use of the platform.

  • Undertake analysis of anonymised conversational and demographic data; this analysis can include machine learning to understand the topics being discussed. Include tagging of individuals to improve future communications and analysis of the anonymised, aggregated feedback.

Each of the above is undertaken as processor on behalf of the University. Unibuddy will not communicate with users who have signed up via a university website in order to promote either general Unibuddy services or third party services.

Unibuddy will retain the personal data of users for up to two years after the last login by the prospective student, after which the personal data will be deleted and the remaining data will be fully anonymised.

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