Is Unibuddy GDPR compliant?

Unibuddy's GDPR compliance agreements

Written by Amy Downes
Updated over a week ago

Yes! The Unibuddy platform has GDPR compliance built in as follows:

(i) Universities Agreement

Universities agree to a Platform Licence Agreement which contains a Data Processor Agreement and all the necessary legal compliance for Unibuddy to act as a processor of the university’s data.

(ii) User Agreement

Users sign-up to a Privacy Policy that is presented on behalf of the university and tells them everything they need to know about how their data is processed, and their legal rights. Users are also invited to opt-in to further communications from the university so that the university can follow-up with further information.

❓ We also have extensive security measures in place so that you can be confident that all personal data is stored, transmitted and backed up safely and securely.

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