Unibuddy Live is a new way to attract, reassure and retain your prospective students by opening up a live channel to answer any questions prospects have and also giving you the ability to display content to allow students to learn more about your institution. You can utilise it at any point in the recruitment cycle.

It can provide an alternative to large-scale campus events to connect with students from different regions, thus expanding your reach online compared to an offline model, this feature is a complement to your digital offering and engagement facility.

Features include the following:

(i) Real-time Chat

This enables scheduled group-chats or 1-2-1 chats between prospects, ambassadors and university enquiry staff. You can create live feeds to organise the Live Event and control which ambassadors and staff members have access.

(ii) Direct Messaging

As well as the feature of group chats above, participants can also direct message ambassadors or staff members.

Prospects will sign up in the same way as the university widget, and you will have access to all the usual data points.

(iii) Live Streaming

This allows you to display content from your screen to share with your event participants. It also includes video capability to allow users to see you over a webcam whilst you present.

💡 Live events are most effective when they are segmented and in smaller groups. It might be a good idea to split your event into several more targeted events - such as by nation or by subject.

Check out the video below, showcasing a Unibuddy Live chat, from the University perspective!

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