The process of inviting staff members to create an account is almost identical to inviting student ambassadors, so it should feel very familiar and intuitive. This can be done in two ways, please see options below:

(i) Case by Case Addition

  1. Click ‘Buddies’ in the left hand side menu

  2. Click on ‘Invitations’ in sub menu.

  3. Two tabs will appear at the top of the page, one that says ‘Students’ and one that says ‘Staff’. Click on the ‘Staff’ tab.

  4. On the right-hand side, enter the email addresses of the staff members you’d like to invite, followed by ‘Add email’, then followed by ‘Invite Staff Buddies’.

(ii) Bulk Import Addition

Alternatively, you can upload a CSV file with the email addresses by dragging the file into the dashed box, or clicking the box and selecting the file. The spreadsheet only needs to contain the emails in each row.

Once the above is complete your staff ‘buddies’ will receive an email inviting them to sign up and create an account.

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