During this difficult time, universities are facing an acute challenge of recruiting international and domestic students. With mobility reduced, travelling to large-scale recruitment events has become difficult.

What do students need during this time?

  • Regular contact and a sense of belonging with your institution.

  • Address concerns about the impact of the virus on their studies.

How can Unibuddy facilitate this?

Unibuddy provides a digital communication channel for prospects to connect with you, your colleagues and students - who can provide reassurance and guidance.

Checkout our traffic drivers here to help engage and prompt prospects to connect with you. The Unibuddy platform, with proper promotion, can be a valuable resource during this time.

Unibuddy Live will also be a great tool during this time to get prospects in the same room with you virtually, facilitating real-time group chats with your staff and ambassadors will also help you communicate with your prospective students. Learn more about our live events here.

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